Let us Handle Your Abroad Accident Claims


Being involved in an accident abroad can be a very stressful time for you and your Family. At Moloney & Co Solicitors we have acted for many clients who have had accidents whilst on holidays or travelling for work abroad.

Our Firm has expertise in pursing compensation claims arising out of accidents abroad and have knowledge of EU Law relating to foreign accidents.

We have a team of holiday accident claim specialists who can guide you through the process of claiming holiday compensation for any injuries that you have suffered as a result of your accident.

Liam Moloney is the Irish Representative for PEOPIL which is the European Umbrella Organisation for Personal Injury Lawyers and as a result our Firm has connections with Lawyers throughout the EU who will assist in your claim for compensation. These Lawyers will assist our firm in giving you correct information on how to claim for compensation under the Laws of the Country where your accident occurred.

In some cases where people are injured abroad their compensation claims can be pursued in Ireland under EU Law. For example if you have a road traffic accident in an EU Country there is an EU Directive that allows you to bring proceedings in Ireland but the Court must comply with the Law on Damages and Liability of the Country where the accident occurred. We will advise you about this process and whether you can take your case in Ireland or not. We will also give you a preliminary view on liability and the value of your case.

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