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A Selection of Case Histories in Kildare

Moloney Solicitors secure settlement of €47,500.00 for car accident victim

A male client who sustained injuries in a road traffic accident in 2009 has secured a settlement of €47,500.00 plus costs after instructing Moloney & Company, Solicitors, He suffered injuries to his neck and lower back in the car accident.  He attended his General Practitioner who prescribed him with medication and he was referred to an Orthopaedic specialist complaining of pain in his neck, back and shoulder.   He underwent MRI scanning and Moloney Solicitors submitted his claim to the Injuries

The award from the Injuries Board was rejected by the client after receiving advice from Moloney Solicitors and his case proceeded in the High Court.

A number of medical reports were secured by Moloney Solicitors and the award secured was far in excess of the amount awarded by the Injuries

Car Accident Leads to Award of €37,500.00

A female client of Moloney Solicitors who was injured in a car accident in Dublin in 2010 secured a settlement of €39,000.00 as part of her High Court action.   The Plaintiff sustained injuries to her lower back in the car accident.  She attended her G.P,  received physiotherapy and attended an orthopaedic specialist.

The Plaintiff rejected the Injuries Board award as it did not provide a sum for future pain and suffering.   High Court proceedings were issued on her behalf by Moloney & Company, and a settlement of €39,000.00 was secured plus costs.

Trip and Fall Client awarded €21,000.00

A female client who sustained injuries to her left hand when she was caused to trip and fall on an uneven payment secured a settlement of €21,000.00 after instructing Moloney, Solicitors.  Moloney Solicitors engaged the services of a consulting engineer who examined the pavement and provided an opinion that it was defective and a trip hazard.  An application was made to the Injuries Board but the Respondent Insurance Company refused to allow the Injuries Board to assess compensation and issued an authorisation and legal proceedings were commenced on behalf of the Plaintiff.   A settlement was subsequently arrived at plus costs.

Work Accident Leads to Injuries Board Award of €30,000.00.

A 50 year old construction worker, who was injured during the course of his employment on a building site in 2011 has secured a settlement of €30,000.00 plus costs after instructing Moloney & Company, Solicitors.

In the course of his duties our client was struck by a machine and as a result suffered personal injuries.   He claimed that his employers had failed to provide him with a safe and proper system of work and that they were in breach of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work, Act.  He  suffered injuries to his head, rib and shoulder.  After Moloney Solicitors were engaged on behalf of the Defendant, liability was admitted by the Defendants and a settlement achieved.

Employment Law

Moloney & Company, Solicitor’s Client Secures Settlement of €45,000.00 Damages for Stress.  A male client of Moloney & Company, Solicitors, who was employed as a Senior Executive in a multinational company has secured a settlement of €45,000.00 for stress, anxiety and breach of contract.  The case was settled prior to hearing in the High with no admission of liability.

Moloney & Company Solicitor’s Client beats Injuries Board Award by 250%

A male client of Moloney & Company, Solicitors who received injuries to his neck and back in a road traffic accident in 2010 has secured a settlement nearly 250% more than what the Injuries Board awarded him.  The assessment by the Injuries Board was rejected by our client, after we advised him it was insufficient to compensate him for injuries.   High Court proceedings were subsequently issued and a settlement achieved prior to hearing.  “This shows the importance of not being afraid of rejecting Injuries Board awards”, said Liam Moloney, Solicitor.

*In contentious Business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.*