Sometimes doctors fail to diagnose cancer in a sufferer, sometimes cancer is diagnosed when none is present.

If someone with cancer is not correctly diagnosed their condition may go untreated as a consequence. This may have very serious implications as the treatment required may no longer be as straight forward and in some cases the cancer may grow to the point where treatment is no longer an option, resulting in serious illness or a reduced life expectancy.

Why I should make a Cancer Misdiagnosis Claim

In cases where cancer is diagnosed in error this can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety as well as unnecessary surgery and drug treatment. It may also mean that the real cause of a person’s symptoms is left untreated.

Doctors often assess cancer in stages. If you can show that the delay has let the cancer progress to the next stage when treatment will probably have prevented that you should be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim for damages.

What kinds of Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases are there?

Moloney & Co. Solicitors have handled claims for damages in respect of cancer misdiagnosis. Below are some examples of  the types of cases that we have dealt with:

  • Breast cancer – early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer gives a greatly increased chance of survival. It is the most form of cancer among women and primarily affects those over 50 years of age and even men
  • Colon cancer – cancer of the colon often begins as a polyp which, if detected and removed in time may not be able to become cancerous. Symptoms such as rectal bleeding and changes in bowel movements can be an indication that certain checks should be carried out
  • Skin cancer – often the first signs of skin cancer is changes in the shape and size of a mole, usually one that is raised. Medical advice should be obtained immediately if such changes occur.