Many people attend their General Practitioner first for minor illnesses that are usually easily treated. People also attend for the ongoing management of diseases like diabetes, choloestral problems and thyroid disease and for issues related to pregnancy and infant care. The family doctor assumes a duty of care as soon as they agree to treat you. They must treat you in the best possible way and to make no mistakes or deviation from approved medical standards. Your doctor may be negligent by virtue of doing something that deviated from medical standards such as doing unnecessary surgery, even a minor one. A doctor can also be negligent if he or she forgets or omits a necessary procedure that should have been done in the best care of the patient or fails to diagnose possible stroke/brain haemorrhages. A doctor may also be negligent if he fails to refer you to refer to a specialist for investigation or treatment.

Who can help me with GP Negligence?

Moloney & Co. Solicitors have many years experience representing individuals of families involving negligence on the part of General Practitioners.