nursing-home-claims-kildare-irelandAt Moloney Solicitors we continue to take  personal  injury claims on behalf of  residents of Nursing Homes and their families.  Often Nursing Home residents are too ashamed to come forward and tell their families of the abuse they are experiencing.  Therefore it is important that the families of Nursing Home Residents keep a close eye on their loved ones and seek legal advice if they believe that any form of abuse has taken place.

What are the signs of Nursing Homes abuse?

Often signs of Nursing Home abuse are dismissed as factors of old age or dementia so it is important that family members recognise this as a sign of mistreatment in a Nursing Home residence.  There are many types of Nursing Home abuse each with their own set of symptoms that may indicate that a resident is being abused.

The following are often signs of Nursing Home abuse:


  • Bruises or bleedings;
  • Bed sores;
  • Silence around care staff;
  • Physical discomfort;
  • Sudden financial difficulties;
  • Changes in an older person’s Will;
  • Changes in Power of Attorney;
  • Unexplained diseases or infection;
  • Emotional withdrawal and depression.


There are more and more people entering Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes and unfortunately many of these centres allow Nursing Home abuse to take place in their environment.

The following negligent acts can be grounds for filing a Nursing Home compensation claim:


If a Nursing Home is understaffed residents can become vulnerable to neglect because staff members fail to spend an adequate amount of time with each resident.  This can lead to stress on staff members causing loss of moral and compassion to residents.  Nursing Homes can be found liable if a resident suffers an injury as a result of a failure to have an adequate number of caretakers.

Inadequate training

In some cases, Nursing Home employees are not properly trained to deal with disabled or unruly residents and do not provide the level of care provided by law.  Nursing Homes can also be held accountable when inadequate training of staff members leads to injury to patients.

Medication errors

Nursing Homes have a responsibility to ensure that proper medication and correct doses are administered to residents as prescribed.  If there is a  prescription drug error that injures a patient this will allow the victim and their family to seek compensation against the negligent party.


Some Nursing Homes and Residential Care Homes have regular schedules for toileting their residents and will toilet them on demand with little time between their request void and the response from Nursing Home staff.  Others however take too long to take a patient to a toilet resulting in an “accident”.  If a patient has too many accidents they may end up suffering skin damage or pressure sores.

Breach of Statutory Rights

Residents of Nursing Homes are entitled to dignity and privacy throughout their stay in the home.  If an employee of the Nursing Home breaches any of these rights  the Nursing Home can be found legally responsible and will have to compensate the patient for this breach.

We help you with Nursing Home Claims in Kildare

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