A new Defamation Act 2009 came into force on the 1st January 2010 and introduced many significant changes to Defamation Laws and procedures.

The protection of the right to ones good name and freedom of expression are important rights to be protected under our constitution but often conflicts between them arise in practice.

Defamation Claims in Kildare

Claims for defamation can arise in many ways in Ireland to include newspaper articles, internet libel, magazine publications and the spoken word itself.

We have expertise in the area of defamation law and can provide detailed and expert advice dealing with the following:

  • impact of the new Defamation Act 2009
  • limitation Periods for taking defamation claims
  • pre publication / post publication libels
  • internet and electronic defamation
  • films and documentaries
  • magazines, book & newspaper defamation
  • offer of amends by defendants
  • rights to declaratory orders under the new Act
  • pre-trial steps
  • discovery
  • media monitoring
  • application on meaning
  • summary relief.