Claims Included In Personal Injury*

Being involved in an accident can be a very stressful and emotional time.  You may have incurred physical and emotional injury as a result of the accident, may be suffering from ongoing medical problems related to the accident and have to undergo medical treatment which at the best of times is costly.  At Moloney & Company Solicitors we care about our clients.  We specialise in the area of personal injury law.  We act for clients injured in accidents at work, road traffic accidents or accidents in public places.  We also assist clients who are injured abroad or at work.

Every case is different so it is important to get the best advice from experts before deciding on whether to pursue a claim for compensation or not.

We can address the main issues that arise for clients who wish to know if they have a case or not.  These issues are often as follows- 

  • Can I prove that the other party was responsible for my accident?
  • What information do I have to give my Solicitor at the start of my case?
  • How long will it take for my case to be processed?
  • What role does the Injuries Board have in my case?
  • Do I have to pay my Solicitor fees up front before he will take the case?
  • Who is going to cover the costs of my medical reports and other expenses while my case is ongoing?

At Moloney & Company Solicitors we can answer all of these questions quickly and in straightforward language.

If you wish to contact our firm to find out more about your case and get answers to these questions, please simply fill out the simple contact form attached and one of our Solicitors will immediately email you or telephone you to discuss your case in the strictest of confidence.  Alternatively please feel free to use our Freefone number to get in touch with us. 

We have offices in Dublin City Centre (Ormond Quay) and Naas, Co. Kildare and would be delighted to meet you there so we can discuss your case in person. 

*In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award of settlement