irish injured in US

The Moloney Law Firm continues to act for Irish citizens injured in accidents in the USA. Our law firm has partnered up with the top personal injury law firms in the United States to deliver excellent results for Irish clients injured in the United States.
Here are some of the basic rules for conducting personal injury claims in the USA:

  1. Different statutes of limitation can apply in different states.
  2. You must provide prompt written notice of your claim against a public body. In some cases this can be six months or two years under Federal law.
  3. There may be State and Federal jurisdiction for injury cases.
  4. In many states there are “no fault laws” which preclude a personal injury claim for a vehicle accident. Exceptions can apply for “serious injuries of different types”.
  5. Caps on general damages exist for different causes of action.
  6. The different types of actions and Defences under law can be different in the US than in Ireland.

The assessment of damages is more of an art than a science. Each County has different Juries and general damages awards are usually higher than Ireland.

Prompt informal advice from US and Irish Counsel with experience in the area is the best way to avoid problems. If you instruct our firm we can get an immediate case assessment from one of our partner law firms in the US without obligation.

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