Why burns and scalds are serious injuries?

Burns and scalds are very serious injuries and even a small burn or scald from boiling water can remain painful for a long period of time. Serious burns and scalds can cause tendon, ligament or muscle damage or even nerve damage, permanent scarring or death. Scarring can cause reduced mobility and psychological distress.

Burns are classified by one of three categories, first degree burns, second degree burns and third degree burns

First Degree Burns

These are the most minor type of burn which normally causes skin to appear red and although there will be some pain the pain does not usually last very long. First degree burns only cause the very top layer of skin to be damaged (the epidermis) and therefore there should be no blistering of the skin.

Second Degree Burns

These are a more serious type of burn than first degree burns and generally are more painful. As deeper layers of the skin are affected the skin will look bright red and blistering will probably occur which can lead to a risk of infection.

Third Degree Burns

These are known as full thickness burns and are the most serious of the three main categories of burns. They cause the skin to be completely burned away and damage may have been caused to the muscles, ligaments and tendons underneath. As the nerves may have been destroyed a victim may feel no pain but even so would be at risk of death if the burned area is large. Third degree burns often take a long time to heal and almost always leave permanent scaring. Skin grafts from unaffected areas may be required leading to further surgery.

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