Bursitis is a painful condition that has been linked to particular occupations or activities including those where employees are expected to kneel or crawl as part of their work duties. Regular kneeling and crawling can cause bursitis. Bursas are fluid/filled sacs that keep our muscles safely away from our bones – they are found in our knees and elbows. In bursitis these bursas swell because they have had pressure put on them or have been knocked repeatedly. Swelling of the bursas can cause significant pain and can prevent people from kneeling or crawling.

The types of employees that can be affected by this type of injury are as follows:

  • Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Domestic cleaners
  • Housekeepers
  • Caretakers
  • Construction workers
  • IT Support workers
  • Carpet fitters
  • Tilers

How We Can Help With Your Bursitis Claim

Claims for bursitis compensation is possible as this is an occupational risk for different types of workers and the condition is preventable. Your employer should have been aware of the risk and should have taken steps to educate his staff about the condition to enable them to take steps to avoid it.

Employers owe their employees a duty of care to ensure that the work place is safe and jobs can be completed without any excessive risk of injury. In order to successfully pursue a bursitis compensation claim against your employer you must prove that he failed to provide you with the appropriate equipment such as knee pads or failed to instruct you on how to perform your task safely and as a result you suffered an injury.

To confirm whether you are eligible to pursue an action for bursitis you should download the attached personal injuries claim form and submit it to our firm with the relevant facts inserted on the form and we will provide you with a consultation or shall email you our views on the liability in your case. If you wish to contact us via email our email address is moloneysolicitors@eircom.net.

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