Construction sites are notoriously dangerous places to work. Many thousands people in Ireland have suffered severe injuries working in the construction industry. Employers have detailed legal responsibilities to meet to project the health and safety of their workers on site from accident and injury. When this protection is flawed, serious injury or even death can result so it is important to minimise the risks of accidents happening on building sites.

Moloney Solicitors & Construction Industry Accident Claims

At Moloney Solicitors we fight for our clients to achieve the best outcome in any injury claim. We  have many years of experience of progressing personal injury claims on behalf of injured workers. We have been involved in assisting clients in obtaining proper compensation for injuries sustained in:

  • Falls from scaffolding.
  • Injuries sustained through faulty or defective machinery and equipment.
  • Being hit by falling objects.
  • Injuries sustained in lifting heavy objects.
  • Slip and fall claims on dangerous surfaces.

Building sites present many hazards not present in many other work environments. Employees often work at heights that they might fall from or encounter the risk of falling objects whilst at ground level. There may also be holes in the ground, hazardous substances, all of which can increase the likelihood of an accident.

If you would like to know if you have a compensation claim for an injury sustained whilst working on a building site or in the construction industry please contact us on 045 898000 or simply complete our online free assessment claim form and submit it to our office and we would be happy to advise you without any obligation.