Cyclists are at a significant risk of injury when using the road as their lack of protection can put them in harm’s way. There are a large number of dangerous hazards for cyclists such as potholed roads, poor lighting, and doors being opened on parked cars or collisions with other vehicles.

The most common form of cycling accident is caused by collisions with larger heavier vehicles. The most dangerous locations for cyclists are roundabouts and busy junctions but accidents can happen almost anywhere on the roads.

Our Solicitors have brought cases for many cyclists including mountain bikers, professional cyclists, people riding bikes to work and cycling just for fun. We have acted for cyclists bring claims against motor insurers, Local Authorities and the Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland.
If you have been injured when out cycling you could be entitled to pursue compensation against the driver of the vehicle or the Local Authority if you were injured as a result of potholes or defects on the road surface.
Unfortunately injuries to the cyclist can be very serious and in some cases life-altering. We have been involved in claims for cyclists who have suffered including:

  • Brain and head injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Serious orthopaedic injury
  • Psychiatric Injury
  • Dental injury

We will ensure that you receive proper compensation to cover your treatment, rehabilitation care and compensation for pain and suffering and any loss to income.
If you would like further information and believe that you may have a legal claim relating to a cycling accident please contact Liam Moloney, Solicitor on 045 898000 or simply complete the attached on line personal injury form and submit it to us and we will contact you regarding the next steps for your cycling compensation claim.

Cycling Accident Claims

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