Hearing Loss Claims

The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Regulations provide for maximum daily noise exposure levels. The average exposure limit is 80 db. Employers are under a legal duty to carry out risk assessments measuring the levels of noise to which the employer’s employees are exposed.

Employer’s duty at avoiding a reducing noise exposure

 Under the Regulations employers have to ensure that the risk arising from exposure to noise is either eliminated at source or reduced to a minimum.

Employers have to provide personal protective equipment and ensure that individual hearing protectors are provided to each employee to eliminate the risk to hearing or reduce the risk to a minimum.

A noisy working environment can cause serious hearing problems which can affect your daily life.

If you have developed hearing loss after working in a noisy working environment and your employers did not protect you from that risk then you could make a claim for compensation. You can either make a claim against them now or if you have not worked for them for a number of years as long as you have been diagnosed with occupational noise injury in the past two years.

We have a team of experienced Solicitors who have acted for many workers who sustained noise induced hearing loss, acoustic shock and tinnitus as a result of being exposed to excessive loud noise at work.

We have helped clients to recover compensation after they were exposed to excessive noise in a range of industries including:

  • Engineering Industry;
  • Construction Industry;
  • Steel Industry:
  • Defence Forces;
  • ESB.

We can help you to assess the level of compensation that you should be entitled to recover. Please contact us today to discuss your noise related hearing loss claim by completing the attached online personal injury claim form and submitting it to our firm when we will revert to you then with further advice as to how to progress your case.

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